About Our School

Martial Arts Fighting And Training (MFT) is a facility that focuses on mental and physical enhancement of the human spirit. Our facility boasts of state of the art equipment and  offers an environment that brings out the positive in every individual. The programs we offer cater to kids and adults. Our curriculum is deeply rooted in tradition and balanced with progressive and innovative teaching methods and philosophies. Our facility is open 7 days a week. We have classes throughout the day to accommodate your schedule.

Martial Arts Fighting And Training is very focused on LEARNING.  Instructors and staff continuously improve their skills by attending seminars, workshops and private lessons.  We belong to the Martial Arts Teachers Association and Champions Way, two organizations dedicated to the development, growth and success of all martial artists and school owners. Even after having 3 decades of martial arts experience, the owner and head instructor never stops to learn new things. His goal is to continuously improve the way he serve others.

Our dedication towards our craft and customer service is what sets us apart from the rest.  The entire staff of Martial Arts Fighting And Training is committed to best serving our families, students and members.  We accept several underprivileged children and teens to our scholarship program to help them improve their life.