Focus On Getting More Women To Sign Up For Martial Arts Classes

More and more women are learning self defense techniques these days, and not just that but they are taking martial arts classes in general more often. It’s not just women, but that is the focus of this article. Think about the times, and think about how important it is to know self defense techniques to keep yourself safe on the streets. You might think that with mixed martial arts being popular these days that women aren’t participating in great numbers, but think about Ronda Rousey.


Many girls out there aspire to be Ronda Rousey. Perhaps you are a teacher of martial arts, and you’re looking at your class wondering how you can get more girls and women to sign up. As mentioned, they’re not just interested in learning self defense techniques, but the martial arts are becoming more popular among women in general. Do you teach mixed martial arts or MMA, or do you teach another form of martial arts?

All types of martial arts are gaining in popularity among women, some more than others. My sister is a black belt and used to teach at the activity center in the town in which she lives. She taught children, but it made me think about something. There needs to be more women teachers out there. It’s inspiring to other women, and some of them might also feel more comfortable training under a woman as well.

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If you’re trying to get more women to sign up for your classes, one thing you might want to consider doing is having a separate class for the women. Women also enjoy training with men, but if you can get your class to a respectable size, the women might enjoy themselves more with other women. If you instead have your classes set up as co-ed classes, and you’re not focusing on recruiting more women to train, think about how that would make women feel that do want to sign up for your classes.

Say a woman walks into your facility and is inquiring about taking martial arts classes. After signing up, she shows up and there are 15 men and two women. She’s not likely to feel as comfortable, so that concern is something you need to address if you want more women learning martial arts at your facility. Women these days want to train, and they will find the right facility for them. Is it going to be yours?

Use a Taser As Compliment to Self-Defense Skills and Martial Arts

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Learning self-defense and martial arts skills is very important and they can protect you if a scenario arises where you need to use violence to protect yourself. But there are times when getting into a fight is not the best approach. It might not be the best approach when you’re dealing with multiple people, when you have other people with you who you need to be responsible for and fighting in the streets is just plain dangerous. No matter how much training that you have if you take the right hit at the wrong time you will be out of the fight. One of the best ways to quickly defend yourself, get in the fight and out the fight and to safety is using a Taser.

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I know that many of you tough guys out there don’t want to use a Taser and you want to scrap it out like the people you see on TV. If that is what you think self-defense is about you have not been trained by the right people or you have refused to take the lessons that they have told you about self-defense. The number one goal of self-defense is to get home safely and to protect the people you care about. It doesn’t matter if you use a fist or Taser, the goal is to get home. The safest way to exit a scenario where violence is needed is with a Taser. Why a Taser? Because it allows you to keep your distance from an opponent, draw your weapon from your Taser Pulse holster, shoot the Taser at them, shock them with electricity, bring them to the ground and get out. Of course you have to call the police too.

So as you can see, fighting it out in the streets is not the best approach. One good solution to violence in the streets is to use a Taser so that you can keep your distance while defending yourself and taking your opponent out. The less work you have to do, the less physical you have to get, the better off you will be. No, a Taser is not the end all of self-defense but it is a great tool to have with you when you need it. It is like any other tool you need to use it at the right time and you need training to use it properly.